BGMA Announces New Director - Tommy Ward


Bryant Group Motorsports Academy (BGMA) is proud and pleased to announce that Tommy Ward has joined us as our new Director, leading both our first public facing events at Road Atlanta's Petit LeMans annual race, as well as our in-school curriculum at Atlanta Public Schools.

Tommy Ward has a dual love for music and cars, and we are proud to now be a part of his expression of at least one of his loves. Tommy Ward is already well established and highly accomplished in the world of music - even headlining shows in Las Vegas, and being managed by none other than Quincy Jones.

You will hear much from and about Tommy Ward in the future. We are pleased to have him with us now.

A special thank you as well to Scott Bartlett, who serves as the founding director for BGMA in its early stages.

John Hope Bryant, Co-Founder, BGMA

Posted in Announcements on Nov 17, 2017