Bryant Group Motorsports Academies (BGMA) will help to fire and re-inspire hope, and a sense of opportunity within youth who live in places that many perceive to be challenged communities in America.

Bryant Group Motorsports on Velocity by Discovery

Caffeiene & Octane on Velocity by Discovery

Caffeine and Octane, North America’s largest monthly car show premieres the first of eight original episodes on The Discovery Channel Network’s Velocity Channel on Sunday February 19th at 9am. The premiere episode will feature John Hope Bryant and Henry Ford III both introducing a new and one of a kind 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R, along with plans for a new BG Motorsports Academy.

Set your televisions and mobile devises to watch the inaugural episode of the Caffeine & Octane Series and support Bruce Piefke, CEO of Caffeine & Octane. A special announcement coming during the show!